Is anyone listening?

With big brands and and corporate companies catching on to the social networking bug, it has become more and more important to see if anyone is taking notice of their expensive social networking campaigns. Enter the social media monitoring tools…

These tools can track and monitor everything from how many ‘click throughs’ you get on your Twitter Tiny URLS, to how many times your video has been played on YouTube. Everyone from Google to Facebook is offering there own analytic tool to help you discover your standing in the social networking tree.

I looked into 5 different types of social media monitoring tools (see below) to see what all the fuss was about.They range between free and pay for tools, tools focused on one social networking site and all social networking sites as well as tools used by Joe Bloggs talking about his cat to Mr Obama in The White House!

5 social media monitoring toolsHaving only really ever used Facebook Insight, (which I personally find very limited) I came to my research open minded. There is obviously a need for these tools. As social media becomes the lynch pin of online communications, company’s need to know if they’re Facebook campaign is really working for them. I would be hesitant in recommending any company to pay for such a service, especially when the likes of Google provide Google Analytics as a free tool, but I would definitely suggest company’s invest the time into tracking their social media activity. I believe it is as much about a company’s understanding of social media as it is tracking how many likes they get on Facebook. The more they understand how these online communities work the more likely they are to justify tracking them!


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